Fried pork cutlets at Mobara city

Chiba prefecture is nearest countryside from Tokyo, especially east and south district. I’ve taken short trip from my home to experience good meal. Tonkatsu ( fried pork cutlets ) Yuzen (とんかつ優膳) is my friend’s recommendation. “Tonkatsu Yuzen” winned 2 times at japanese fun made gourmet web site Tabelog(食べログ, link) as best restaurant in Chiba pref. It will take about 100km and 2 hours from my home. Here is my itinerary. Here is the exact place ( Google Maps ).

Screenshot_from_2013-01-14 21:47:16

I’ve taken some photos. Organic grown cabbage is extremely soft and I’ve not experienced such a good taste about dressing made from sesame.



Pork is soft, soft, and soft texture. You’ll enjoy soft and sophisticated taste. After the main dish, you can experience in-house made pudding made from black honey and soybean flour. It is also amazing.


Enjoy your short escape.

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