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a weird phenomenon observed: 'barusu'

There is a lot of japanese animation fun among Japan. Especially some famous animation made by Hayao Miyazaki still stays gold among mid 30’s and 40’s. “Castle in the sky(天空の城ラピュタ)” is shown so many times on TV in every year. Japanese people have some habit to act same move on the same time. On the Twitt-sphere, they moves same. They tweets same word “バルス(barusu)” along with some movie scene. This behavior has generated massive traffic on the twitt-sphere and they feels some collective feeling. This is really weired but draws some insanity about Japan. Screenshot from 2016-01-16 01-45-02 On early days, These tweets let Twitter service goes down, but it works well by now. Twitter company sometimes uses this habit to promote there power of influence and their stable infrastructure. From “Arab Spring”, SNS giants starts appealing that their infrastructure is already social infrastructure instead of the fun circle. Yesterday, japanese biggest tech company NTT-Data tried to capture full of tweets and to illustrate how many times people tweets “barusu(バルス)” in nearly-real-time. They already contracted with Twitter to stream all of their tweets. It is called “firehose(”. I suspect that they try to capture these tweets from firehose-tweet-stream. Their message is clear. “Yes, we can see your move.”. Here is the result(01/15/2016 23:41 JST). img_PC_0115_2341 I found the number of tweets including “バルス” in 01/16/2016 00:13am. Here is screenshot. IMG_cnrcpq You can find that there is about 0.3m missing tweets between two observed summary. NTT-Data doesn’t disclosure current summary yet, but along with the trend after the peak time, I suspect that these difference doesn’t come from the gap of observed time. You can suspect something. 2. The Firehose tweet bulk stream doesn’t include true bulk stream. 4. On the SNS world, we may experience some gap from the point of observe. It will be about 20% of truth. Its something worth for me to observe this gap. Interesting. I can advice to you. “Stop this fxxking behavior”.