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Snow tire for MCC Smart

We can enjoy a variety of services about car in Japan. In winter season, you can rent a snow tire in a few days instead of buying them (link, only written in japanese but you can inquery them with English, Spanish, and Chinese). If you are living in heavy snow area, you can rent them in a season (link, only written in japanese). But wait for a second. You can use these services when you have 4 stud style hub between wheel and hub, this configuration is popular among japanese car such as Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and so on. As you know, MCC Smart have 3 stud hub, so you cannot rent these services. ( You have 5 stud Mercedes ? It’s worth trying to talk with shop guy, I think… )

Anyway, I have to change my tire to snow tire. I’ve purchased snow tire with reasonable price from shop (link). I’ve purchased 4 wheels of Mastersteel’s WINTER+ 175/55R15 77T and it costs about $160 and attached them to my Smart. 175/55R15 sized tire have different size from standard size of Smart, but I feel nothing strange about.

WP_000130 Enjoy your winter.

Fried pork cutlets at Mobara city

Chiba prefecture is nearest countryside from Tokyo, especially east and south district. I’ve taken short trip from my home to experience good meal. Tonkatsu ( fried pork cutlets ) Yuzen (とんかつ優膳) is my friend’s recommendation. “Tonkatsu Yuzen” winned 2 times at japanese fun made gourmet web site Tabelog(食べログ, link) as best restaurant in Chiba pref. It will take about 100km and 2 hours from my home. Here is my itinerary. Here is the exact place ( Google Maps ).

Screenshot_from_2013-01-14 21:47:16

I’ve taken some photos. Organic grown cabbage is extremely soft and I’ve not experienced such a good taste about dressing made from sesame.



Pork is soft, soft, and soft texture. You’ll enjoy soft and sophisticated taste. After the main dish, you can experience in-house made pudding made from black honey and soybean flour. It is also amazing.


Enjoy your short escape.