Archive: 2019/07

Kaneyo Art Studio(かねよ食堂), and absolute chill

Apart from downtown of Yokosuka city, along the coast, it is hidden in abandoned villeage. In a scourching sunshine like a daydream, it exists. Inside the cafe, there is definitely different air. a few talks but not loud and not too many. Small sound of ripples occasionaly happens. Cafe is not air-conditioned, so you may feel moist, but cool breeze always run through and feels comfortable. Never ending chill surf and bossa-nova music. It looks like some world of abandoned daydream.

Comtemporary foods made from fresh fish, crams, and seaweeds. All of ingredients are taken by cafe’s master on every morning. Looks good and tastes great!

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How to get there ?

Enjoy your dazzle.