Archive: 2012/10

burn subtitles into movie

just for my memo…

  • download AVIUtil and extracts
  • download VobSub and install (also install AVIUtil plugin)
  • download Ex264GuiEx and install (AVIUtil plugin)
  • ffmpeg extracts movie(picture) track into single file ffmpeg -i inputfile -vcodec copy -an -o outputfile
  • VLC extracts audio track into wav file
  • VSRip extracts IFO into idx+sub
  • AVIUtil for burn idx+sub into movie picture
  • export as h.264 mpeg4 from using AVIUtil

EVs in Yokohama

I’ve walked around the presentations of self-made EVs in yokohama. All of evs are made by small garage company and have aprox 150-200 Ah batteries. Most of evs run up to 150km with fully charged battery. It sound just a little bit poor from the view of ordinaly car trip length(aprox' 300km), but its mood is chill enough.