Japanese comtemporary cafe style curry in Kamogawa city

There is few article write about Japanese contemporary cafe and its style in English. Almost all contemporary cafe resides mid of metropolis and comfortable place for city dweller especially for young. They serves hot chocolate drawn some art above of cup{:target="_blank"}, gentry cooked organic food with smooth texture(try “カフェめし” in google image search), and sweet and yummy cake.

But when I googled about food in Chiba prefecture, I found something interesting place to visit. This place is Cafe So(“うつわや+カフェ 草”){:target="_blank"}. This place is exactly japanese contemporary style cafe, but this shop is not in mid of metroporis but inside of mountains of southern side of Chiba, so I think that this place is worth to visit. Here is the place{:target="_blank"}. It will take a few hours from Tokyo.

There is 2, 3, 4, and 6 seats inside of small house. No sounds but song of bird and wind. Mild sunlight comes from ceiling and warms inside of room. You can order almost one thing, curry rice. Its taste is exactly cafe style smooth and tasty. You’ll enjoy organic coffee and smoothie of spiced tea which cools your tongue down.

Enjoy short trip to different place.

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