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Fried pork cutlets at Mobara city

Chiba prefecture is nearest countryside from Tokyo, especially east and south district. I’ve taken short trip from my home to experience good meal. Tonkatsu ( fried pork cutlets ) Yuzen (とんかつ優膳) is my friend’s recommendation. “Tonkatsu Yuzen” winned 2 times at japanese fun made gourmet web site Tabelog(食べログ, link) as best restaurant in Chiba pref. It will take about 100km and 2 hours from my home. Here is my itinerary. Here is the exact place ( Google Maps ).

Screenshot_from_2013-01-14 21:47:16

I’ve taken some photos. Organic grown cabbage is extremely soft and I’ve not experienced such a good taste about dressing made from sesame.



Pork is soft, soft, and soft texture. You’ll enjoy soft and sophisticated taste. After the main dish, you can experience in-house made pudding made from black honey and soybean flour. It is also amazing.


Enjoy your short escape.

Natural broiled eel at Kashima port

As for my first trip with new Smart K, I’ve get to Kashima port. It takes about 150km from my home and takes about 3 hours. The subject of this trip to test my ETC and sound device. Here is the itinerary(GPS data is partially dropped). Thanks to, I can plot my itinerary over Google map. I always use iBCNU on my iPhone and upload GPS information with my call-sign. If you have your license of amateur radio, try it ! Smart and my devices works perfectly among the trip, so my trip is very smooth and fun. Here is the place named “Kamisu city public sport park”. This place is nearby of Pacific ocean. MOVIE and I saw some windmill generator. After the 3.11, many people addicted to renewable energy instead of nuclear power. Kashima area is the one of the biggest windmill farm in Kanto area. Windmills in this area can generate about 50MW electricity, but today some of windmill stopped because of lack of winds. And some area still marks some destruction caused by that earthquake. These cracks is widely marked and needs more costs and times to repair. This photo is effected. Kashima area is famous about eel especially natural eel to eat. Some foreign people may surprise that Japanese people eats such bizarre fish. Surely, some people feels dislike about eel because it is slimy to the touch and shape is strange. But broiled eel have rich protein, soft and light food texture especially natural eel. So, I’ve decide to try it. This is the shop to try. The name is “Kappo Tabeta(割烹 たべた)"(Google Map). This shop goes famous via TV show and some internet site Tabelog serving broiled natural eel over 20 years. Tabelog is japanese shop curation site such as yelp. “Kappo Tabeta” gets good score in Tabelog. This photo is what I’ve eaten. Broiled natural eel - standard size(天然うな重, 並). This order is served with clam miso soup, pickles, and mellon flavored jelly. It tastes great ! If you have no issue with broiled eel, you should try it.